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04/08/08 - Tyler

City Announces Spring 2008 N.E.W. Neighborhood Meeting

The City of Tyler has announced the neighborhood selected for the Spring 2008 Neighborhood Empowerment Works (NEW) program and has scheduled a neighborhood meeting with residents to be held at Tuesday, April 8 at 6:30 p.m. at the New Holland Church located at 3009 Walton Road.   The meeting will provide residents an opportunity to meet with representatives from the City to share their ideas and concerns about their neighborhood. Refreshments will be provided.

The NEW neighborhood's boundaries are from Frankston Highway and Walton Road, west to Jersey Street, south to Roosevelt Street, then south again until Ben Street reaches Frankston Highway.

"Resident input is critical to this program," said Neighborhood Services Director Brenda Johnson.  "The residents know their neighborhood better than anyone and are in the best position to identify opportunities for improvement."

The NEW program enhances the quality of life for Tyler neighborhood residents - one neighborhood at a time - by intensely concentrating City services in a specific area for four weeks.  Various City departments use information gathered from the neighborhood meeting as well as an examination of the area to identify services that could make an impact on the neighborhood. 

"The NEW program is an important tool that the City uses to stop neighborhood decline in its tracks," said Council Member Donald Sanders.  "By involving the neighbors and leveraging City services, the program has proven to be successful in encouraging reinvestment in Tyler's older neighborhoods.  Get ride of the grime...get ride of the crime."

Departments that will be involved in this process include the Fire Department, GIS, Transit, Planning and Zoning, Water Utilities, Neighborhood Services, Code Enforcement, Traffic, Engineering, Police, Parks & Recreation, Streets and Solid Waste. Working in partnership with neighborhoods, the City's goal is to raise awareness of code and zoning ordinances, provide information on accessing City services and promote clean and safe neighborhoods.

Work will begin in the neighborhood beginning April 14, based upon the survey conducted by City departments and input received by residents.  It is anticipated that work will conclude on May 10 and a neighborhood celebration will be held June 19. 

Following the celebration, the Neighborhood Services Department will work closely with neighborhood leaders to measure the program's impact on the neighborhood and develop a sustainability plan to keep the ball rolling in the area.

This will be the fifth NEW neighborhood since the City started the program in 2006.   To date, the program has resulted in the following outcomes:

  • the clearing of 125 trash lots
  • installation of four new sidewalks
  • 181 police citations, 28 arrests, and 770 police man hours to address criminal activity in the targeted areas
  • installation of 200 feet of water line
  • painting of 59 fire hydrants and installation of three new hydrants
  • removal of 1560 yards of waste and 146 tires
  • five park beautifications
  • 11 homes painted
  • 24 new smoke detectors distributed
  • 24 demolitions of substandard structures
  • And much more!

"The NEW program is a very important part of the City's Tyler 21 effort to sustain and maintain older neighborhoods," said Tyler Mayor Joey Seeber.  "This program is like throwing a rock into a pond.  The ripple effect is immeasurable."

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