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A Better East Texas: Status of Iraq

It's been 5 years since the beginning of the war in Iraq and there continues to be analysis of how the war is going. There are a few points that jump out at me as reasonable measures on the conditions in Iraq.

According to studies by the Brookings Institute and the Associated Press, unemployment in Iraq has been cut nearly in half, the number of Iraqi's receiving fresh water has doubled, but electric service remains unreliable beyond a few hours a day.

These are basic services for the Iraqi's, but what about the basic services our troops need while serving. No matter what your position on the war, we should all support the troops. So, what can we do? 

As a classroom, church, family or individual, there are a number of ways to support a soldier The U-S-O has a great program where donated children's books are read by service men and women who are leaving their children for tours of duty. 

 The U-S-O videotapes these soldiers reading the book and then sends the video and the book to their children. There is a U-S-O office at the DFW airport that carries out this service that needs your donated books. You can also welcome home a hero here at our local airports through the Welcome Home Soldiers Organization and at the DFW airport through the U-S-O.

Links to these services are on our website... So I encourage you to find a way to support a military hero and make this A Better East Texas.


Viewer Comments:

Great job!  Thank you for the commentary!!  The Longview Greggton Rotary Club has adopted some of the 5200 sailors aboard the USS Harry Truman & it has been a rewarding experience.  A blessing for all of us.  WE NEED TO BE REMINDED EVERY DAY!!!


This message is in response to the War in Iraq discussion by Pat Stacey.  You talked about supporting troops and I know about a great way locally to help.   St. Sgt. Joseph J. Cox is building schools for Iraqi children.  He is wanting to get school supplies donated so he can supply the schools.  Anyone who wants to donate money can do so at First Bank and Trust .

March 11th the Daily Sentinel ran a story and Handcock Advertising is working with his mother, Jo Cox on PSAs for TV and radio.

I thought since you ran this segment that maybe KLTV can do a story as well.  

The person to contact is Jo Cox and her number is 936-560-9283.  

Thank you for your time.


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