War Cakes From Longview Women

The ladies auxiliary of the VFW Post 4002 decided to give our troops overseas a reminder of home by baking war cakes.

War cakes began back in World War I with wives and love ones sending much needed food to troops.

Over generations the home front has sought to keep troops abroad thinking of home by sending them pieces of home.  For people like Patricia Nisbett, who's father was in world war two, it's her chance to send a piece of home.

One wall of the VFW is testament to the generations who have served past and present and they want to make sure each one is remembered.

70 cakes will be packed and delivered to barksdale air force base and then sent overseas. American servicemen thousands of miles away will receive these cakes from people they've never met, but who care for them all the same.

The ladies hope the cakes will be delivered to troops by June 14th, Flag Day.