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Charlton Heston Remembered By Longview NRA

Some East Texans are remembering Charlton Heston, not as a movie star, but as a champion for second amendment rights.  Charlton Heston had spent time in East Texas, campaigning for political candidates, but people like Longview gunsmith Bob Godell remember him on a more personal level, as a man who fought for the rights of Americans to keep arms through the National Rifle Association.

"Well, we lost a really great patriot and a good spokesman for the NRA who brought us out of an era where we were considered real radical people to gun owners who were just protecting our rights," said Godell.  Many NRA members feel Heston's contribution to gun rights can't be underestimated.

"I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Heston," said Longview NRA member Jim Watson.  "He actually gave a shot in the arm to the NRA in my opinion.  He was very pro second amendment rights."  Those who met him, remember a man who was president of the organization drawing the criticism of the Hollywood left.

"He walked the walk and talked the talk," said Godell.  "He stood up for what he believed in, which was the NRA and stood up for civil rights."  His stalwart belief in the second amendment impressed many, but more so his average Joe demeanor.

"I expected Moses to come walking in with thunder and lightning, there was nothing phony nothing plastic, nothing transparent about him, just a good solid guy," said Godell.  His loss will be remembered by those he championed for.

"I'll remember him for a long long time, yes I will," said Watson. 

Heston's family has not yet commented on how he died.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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