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4/5/08- East Texas

Saturday Sun Shines Over Mud-Lovers Paradise

Mudders were out in full force Saturday, their motto "go big or go home."

"Get in the mud, it's mud in action," said Wade Robinson, visiting from Roy City. "You know, see what you can get across and see who gets stuck. If you don't get stuck you haven't been to the Mud Nationals."

Most have heard by now that a Mississippi man lost his life Thursday in a four-wheeler accident. Though it's a terrible tragedy, authorities said a lesson is learned.

"They're more compliant, more aware of what can happen and everyone is just enjoying themselves and don't want to get hurt," said paramedic Madison Johnson.

"They're just having everyone slow down and just be really careful out here, or try to be at least," said Lacy Stanfield of Henderson. 

Plus, heavy rains Friday washed away some dangerous conditions.

"Everybody's enjoying the mud and cruising through it, slipping and sliding, rather than driving fast on dry ground, so there've been less accidents," said Johnson.

"Today is a whole lot warmer, sunny out, and a whole lot more people out just generally having fun," said security officer Derrick Kennedy.  

So it's back to the basics, bringing thousands of mud-lovers from all over, including Canada and Mexico to good ole' East Texas.  And as mudders enjoy their spring vacation, security and EMS crews continue to keep a watchful eye.

"You do get some that get a little intoxicated and get lost and you have to help them find their way back to camp," said Kennedy.

Trying to keep a little order, as those young and old, get down and dirty.

The Mud Nationals continue Sunday, so you still have one more day to get in on the fun.

Courtney Lane, Reporting

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