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Longview Residents Remember MLK

      It was 40 years ago today that a champion for civil rights was gunned down at a Memphis motel balcony. The death of doctor Martin Luther King junior shattered the hearts of his followers. In Longview today, his legacy lives on in the memories people have of him and his message of equality.

     "He awakened the consciousness of the united states and of the world and the things that he accomplished is coming to pass" said Vernon Stanmore junior.

    "Doctor king was such a great man and a revolutionary for his time and brought a lot of ideas about peace and reform" said Letourneau student Megan Ross.

  "How he believed in all men should be treated equally and he believed in standing up for what was right and supported that, and his character showed that"  said 20 year old Marcita Bowie.

   "He's appealing to the conscience of Americans" said historian , Dr. Ron hood. "I'm always telling the children how he fought for us, for our civil rights, things we've accomplished, when he was here" said Mary Lomax.  

     Thousands upon thousands of people today held vigils in memory of doctor King. Bob Hallmark reporting/bhallmark@kltv.com

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