Backdoor Burglar Suspect Behind Bars

Tyler residents may be able to sleep easier tonight. Police say a man arrested early Friday morning may have played a role in more than 30 smash and grab burglaries.

Around 1:30 a.m., a man broke into the backdoor of 518 Charnwood. He stole the resident's purse and several pieces of jewelry. Moments later, a Tyler Police officer arrested 22 year old Marzell Bureau running down a near by street. The victim's jewelry was in his pockets.

While this case is similar to other smash and grab crimes in the area, Officer Chris Moore says it's too early to call Bureau the Backdoor Burglar. "In most of our backdoor burglaries, the suspects have used the victim's credit cards within a matter of moments at gas stations, pay at the pump gas stations. This person was on foot."

Officers are now looking into the possibility of a second suspect. Robert Sash, the next door neighbor of last night's break in victim was also burglarized. He says he knows who did it, and it's not the man police have in jail. "He told me that he knew how to break into a house. And he showed me that he knew how to break into my house."

The challenge for investigators now is to determine if Bureau played any role in the thirty other backdoor break-ins or if the similarity in the crimes is just coincidence.

Bureau is in the Smith County Jail on $15,000 bond.