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4/03/08-Cherokee County

Three Thumbs Up, Two Thumbs Down In This Week's Restaurant Report

During the last round of inspections, only three Cherokee County restaurants seemed to stand out among the rest.  Starting in the southern part of the county and working our way north, our first stop was at Ronito's Pizza Shop located at the corner of Marcus and Berryman Streets in Alto.  That's where the inspector noted absolutely no critical violations.  The same can be said just up the road in Rusk at  Best Golden China Buffet at 1007 S. Dickinson.  The inspector found no violations there, and everything was in tip-top shape.  And no demerits were handed out at the Sonic Drive-In in Jacksonville.

But some restaurants came up a little short.  Back in Alto at the Alto Cafe on Hwy 21, ham in the fridge was not kept at a cold enough temperature and chicken needed to be reheated.  And a cooking pan was also found in the hand-washing sink.  Combining all that with facility and equipment violations prompted the inspector to demerit them 27 points. 

The score was a little lower here at Lupe's Mexican Restaurant on E. Rusk Street in Jacksonville, but those violations still raised some red flags with the health inspector.  There, tamales were found not being kept at the right temperature, and employees were seen violating hygiene rules.  And after noting there was no hand sanitizer available, the inspector tallied up 19 demerits. 

Layron Livingston, Reporting


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