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4/3/08- East Texas

Will A Hybrid Save You More?

Donald McClain loves driving his hybrid. He said his 2006 Toyota Prius saves a him a lot, since he commutes 50 miles each day to work.

"It had brought me 60 miles per gallon miles in city strictly, you know one red light after another," said McClain.  "But on the highway, you know the open road, it has been averaging between 52 and 54."

Hybrids run on a battery that recharges itself and a gasoline engine. McClain's Prius holds 11 gallons, and he said that took him a long way on a recent trip.

"Roundtrip was about 2000 miles and I did it on 66 dollars," said McClain.

Classic Toyota in Tyler said with the surge in gas prices, their hybrids are already sold before they even hit the lot.

"If you're getting 40, 50, 60 miles per gallon in a hybrid, you're getting more bang for your buck," said sales and leasing consultant at Classic Toyota, Dustin Newland.

But it all depends on how much you drive. On average, a hybrid will cost you three to five-thousand more than other cars.

"You may find that the premium you're paying may not be justified, based on the miles per gallon you're actually getting," said Will Cagle with Peltier Nissan. 

Here's a calculation for you. Say you drive 1000 miles per month. Divide that by how many miles per gallon your car gets, say 33 mpg. Take that result and multiply it by the price of gas, we're using $3.15. That'll show you how much you spend a month in gas. You can compare that to a hybrid and see what's best for you.

Bottom line, if you do rack up those miles, a hybrid may be your best option.

As with any car, McClain said driving the speed limit and handling it smoothly will get you more miles per gallon.

Courtney Lane, Reporting  clane@kltv.com

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