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04/03/08 - Longview

Right Turns On Red Causing Confusion For Some Motorists

As the result of recent confusion on the part of some motorists, the Longview Police Department would like to address questions that have arisen concerning right turns at red lights.

Unless specifically prohibited by posted signage, right turns on red are permitted at intersections as long as the driver first comes to a complete stop

Several motorists have recently been photographed by red light cameras making right turns at specific intersections in which they did not come to a complete stop first before making their turn.

The red light cameras will not photograph your vehicle if you first come to a complete stop and then make the turn.  "California stops" or "rolling stops" in which the driver simply slows down before making the turn are illegal and the driver can receive a citation.

This law applies to both intersections that have red light cameras and those that do not.  The simplest thing to remember is to come to a complete and total stop before making your turn.

This information is courtesy of the Longview Police Department.

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