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4/2/08 Tyler

Gift of Love: Arrow Child & Family Ministries

Jana and John Morris of Bullard are naturals when it comes to taking care of children. They always wanted a family, but were unable to have biological children.

"We started asking questions like, why? And we started praying and I think we both just agreed that God was setting us on some path and we didn't know where it was going to take us," says Jana.

It lead them to become foster parents through the Arrow Child & Family Ministries. "The Bible says in Psalm 127 'Children are like a fist full of arrows in a warriors hand.' Later on it says, 'Blessed is those whose quiver is full of them,'" explains John about where Arrow Child & Family Ministries gets its name.

And one by one, their home began to fill up with foster children, all dealing with different issues. John says, "We just make it a rule, that God loves us for who we are and we're going to love our brothers and sisters for who they are."

Over the years, their role in the children's lives would change.  Jana says, "When we first started, it was just foster care. So, for the first year or two we prayed for these children to be restored with their families. We prayed that they could go back and then when it became evident that they couldn't, we were joyous because it was like God had finally blessed us with what we had wanted."

They have already adopted 4 of the children and will soon add 2 more, permanently, to their family. "It's matured us not only as adults but in our Christian faith," says Jana.

"We have a theme to what we do that is based in Christ's teachings," says Woody Edmiston, with Arrow Child & Family Ministries.  He says Arrow is all about helping kids and strengthening families, with a Christian foundation.

"The training that we offer, helps people who may see this as more of a challenge than they can take on. We can help them so that they see that they can follow maybe the way that God is leading them to become foster or adoptive parents." 

Jana and John had no idea the impact this experience would have on their lives. "When we started doing this, we said we're going to help these kids and we're going to change their lives and make a difference in their lives and they've been such a blessing in our lives more than I could ever imagine changing theirs," says John.

And this East Texas couple is not done sharing the Gift of Love. Jana says, "Our whole reason we can do what we do is we're not limiting God's power and we know God's power is infinite. That's why we can have 6 kids or 7 or 8 or 10 whenever we decide we're done."

Arrow Child & Family Ministries is holding a benefit luncheon in Tyler, April 23rd, 2008 at Willowbrook Country Club. The speaker is Michael Reagan, adoptive son of President Ronald Reagan, and author of the book "Twice Adopted." He will share his own story of being abused as a child and his heart for finding homes for children rescued from abuse.

For more information on the luncheon and Arrow go to or call Woody Edmiston at 903-581-5605.

Gillian Sheridan reporting,

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