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04/02/08- Tyler

East Texas Solider Returns Home After 7 Month Deployment

  It was all red, white, and blue at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport. 

Nearly one-hundred "Welcome Home Soldier" well-wishers lined up all in honor of Lance Corporal Brandon Hart.  

From cheers and balloons, to lots of hugs, East Texans were determined to make sure Corporal Hart's homecoming would be a special one. 

"It's just like he's one of your own. Your heart just wants to hug him, " said Polly Mormon, a member of Welcome Home Soldier. 

For Corporal Hart it was a moment his eyes couldn't believe.

"I saw the people, and I saw my aunts and uncles. I'm was like, "wow what is going on here?" Is this for me or are there other guys coming back? Then, I found out the celebration was all for me and it was the most amazing thing." said Corporal Hart. 

Fortunately, Corporal Hart's work in Iraq paid off for him and his fellow marines.

 "About two weeks before we left my battalion turned over the city of Hit to the Iraqi military. So, now they're in control of their town. We left with just over a thousand marines and we came back with just over a thousand marines. We didn't lose one marine while we were over there," said Corporal Hart. 

No lives "lost" and a whole lot of thanks from East Texans "gained".

"I got to tell you Texas is probably the biggest supporter of the military. You won't find anybody else except Texas. I love Texas," said Corporal Hart.

Corporal Hart says he will be home for 3 weeks before heading back overseas.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting. lshockley@kltv.com 

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