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Longview Seeks Alternative To Warning Sirens

      After another scheduled warning siren test in Longview today city officials are already talking about coming up with another , more efficient system, to warn citizens of dangerous weather.    First Wednesday of the month, and the sirens are tested at noon,  although all sound, one fails to rotate.  Not good enough for Longview's mayor.

   "No its not, we've been through 18 months of testing and we were assured the system was working properly when we needed it , it didn't work: says mayor Jay Dean.

    The city pumps 13-thousand dollars a year into maintenance of the system, and Dean says they can do better.

      "We've got to get past this relatively dependable and totally dependable, this system is prone to mechanical and electrical failure" Dean says.

     Councilman Wayne Frost personally monitored the test, but recognizes it has its failings.

    "Inside I've experienced it you can't hear them, the primary job of he city council is to protect the health and welfare of the citizens" says Frost.

    "Inconsistent testing in the past has sparked angry criticism from citizens and even the mayor and city council admit they should have some sort of alternative emergency system in place.

   "As a homeowner and a taxpayer I'm not happy about it either, what I'd like to see as a homeowner is a 100 percent dependable system and the only way we're going to get that is a reverse 9-1-1 where it rings your telephone" says Dean.

    A ring-down system that would relegate the sirens to a back-up. And until they can get a better system, they hope this one. Will work when its really needed. Dean and Frost both say that citizens should not solely depend on a siren system to warn them. He says they should be listening to radio reports and watching television updates. Dean says he will bring up a reverse 9-1-1 system at the next city council meeting on April 10th. Bob Hallmark reporting/bhallmark@kltv.com

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