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Soldier Back From Iraq Meets Son For The First Time

From the oldest generation, to the youngest--family and friends gathered together to welcome home the soldier they call "Lee."  One very special gift was in tow: it was the first time US Army Sergeant Darrin Smith was able to see and hold his three-month-old son, Jack.

"Honestly, words cannot describe it," Smith said.  "It feels good."

"The moment I saw him reminded me of the day that I married him," said Ashleigh Smith, Darrin Smith's wife.  "It was the most amazing thing in the world," she said with tears in her eyes.  The reunion was the beginning of a bond this family made sure would last forever.

"We had hopes that he would be able to come home just as the baby was born, maybe one or two days.  That didn't work out for us," Ashleigh said.  Darrin said he called his wife during the  delivery.  "She was actually having contractions, so probably every 20 or 30 seconds, I'd get to talk to her."

Darrin was also able to talk to his son almost everyday during his tour of duty.  "Ashleigh sent me six or seven little children's books over with a digital recorder," he said--that way his son would know his father's voice.  "He knows who his daddy is, and he looks just like him," Ashleigh said. 

Now mom, soldier dad, and baby are together again--eager to make the most of those precious moments.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.


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