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04/01/08 - Texas

Rumors Of A Trucker's Strike Heading Our Way

Rumors are flying this morning of a reported trucker's strike here in the United States.

This morning, there is no official word of a strike, but an independent truck driver we spoke to this morning said he plans to strike as long as it takes for gas prices to go down.

Truckers are also frustrated with what they consider high registration fees and fines for inspection violations.

However, some aren't so sure. One driver passing through Shreveport says he sympathizes with those who plan to strike, but it's just not practical for him to take part.

"People have to realize, we're out here three weeks at a time away from our families. I don't want to sit for three days - I want to get home," said Jason Alexander, an independent truck driver.

Cathryn Khalil, reporting.

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