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3/31/2008-East Texas

More Arrests Possible In East Texas Sex Ring

The Mineola Swingers Sex Club has also brought up many questions as to who else may face charges. KLTV 7 went to find out where the investigation is now and the efforts to try and find people who went to the club.

It's an active investigation with authorities searching for those that knew what went on inside the Mineola swingers club walls.

"There are other individuals that the Texas Ranges are investigating. Potentially the source of the drugs for the children, anyone else with direct connection with the swingers club itself, their knowledge of what was going on within those walls," said Joe Murphy, Assistant District Attorney, Smith County.

With six people awaiting trial and one already sentenced, authorities say this could be just the beginning.

"The Texas Rangers are continuing to investigate those who were at the club, anybody who saw the children, anybody who gave money for what they saw, anybody who viewed any tapes," said Murphy.

Only open for only a few months, Mineola residents say the parking lot was always full. But right now, a fuzzy black and white picture is all authorities have.

"When you are dealing with a club such as this one, there are no logs, no registrations, no records kept of who was there and who wasn't," said Murphy, "We feel it is very important for those people to be brought to justice anybody who would sit there and knowing what these children were forced to do. Anybody who would sit there and take part of that is obviously guilty of a criminal offense."

Many have wondered how the club let people know about these events. Investigators say though a website was never found specifically for the club they think that it was probably solicited through individual messages on swingers websites or social networking sites, many of which have specific East Texas communities like Mineola.

"It's either word of mouth or through the internet somehow. Specifically to this case. We don't know how they got there but we know a lot of people got there," said Murphy.  

On just one website, we found 7,000 swingers within a 100 miles of Mineola, although they are adults it shows the interest is there, and now authorities are asking for help.

"I think there are individuals out there who know what went on in that building. I think there are grown adults who know, just like those children testified about, what went on in that building. For law enforcement to bring those people to justice we need the help of the general public. We need people to look down and standup and do the right thing. Let us know who was there because everybody involved needs to be brought to justice," said murphy.

If you have any information you are asked to call The Texas Rangers or the Smith County District Attorney's office.

These people could face charges such as enducement of sex performance of a child, to indecency, to aggravated sexual assault of a child all felonies.

Danielle Capper, Reporting

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