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One Little Device Could Save You From Even More Pain At the Pump

Where there are cars, there's a need for gasoline--gasoline which costs more and more each day--prices making some more and more desperate.  "I've had a couple of [customers] that have had gasoline stolen," said Ruebin Guthrie, owner of Tidmore Auto Parts.  "Some of them are taking preventative action knowing that it's going to get worse."

Guthrie has been selling auto parts for years, but lately, one part in particular has become a hot item in his store.  "When the gas price went from a dollar a gallon to a little over two dollars a gallon, we had a real rush on them.  We couldn't keep them in stock--our warehouse couldn't keep them in stock."  

The average price for gas is now more than $3 per gallon, increasing the demand for locking gas caps.  Guthrie said it's easy finding the right cap for your car-- all to keep oh-so-precious fuel in the rightful tank.  "It provides you with security.  If you have anything that discourages [thieves], then they'll go on to somewhere else where it's easier." 

It's just one simple, and cheap way, to save you unwanted pain at the pump.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.


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