Mosquitoes Strike Back in East Texas

Richard and Patricia Heaton have a lot riding on a mosquito free back yard. Not only do the insects take a bite out of them, if the mosquitoes aren't treated it could take a bite out of their bed and breakfast business.

"We have a spa here for example," says Richard Heaton. "And we have guests at night and they're in the spa and they would get eaten alive so we have to do something about it."

Enter Tyler Mosquito Control Officer Chris Lennon.

"We'll go out and treat standing water with a larvacide or we'll put out alticed briquettes," says Chris Lennon, Tyler Mosquito Control. "It chemically alters the mosquito larvae and keeps them from becoming full blown adults."

All it takes is a cup of water left outdoors to cause you a problem. Your best is to always pour the water out. And mosquitoes can multiply in the most unlikely of places: bird baths, kiddie pools and any open outdoor containers.

"I suggest if you have any garden pond, I would recommend putting goldfish or minnows to eat the mosquito larvae," says Lennon.

   The Heaton's do and they have put fish in their pond. Another mosquito hot spot shut down. Now the couple's gotten wise to standing water. It's as easy as emptying or changing water out.

"We did have some once upon a time in our rain gutters and I had to rectify that because any standing water with this heat like it is they'll start breading," says Heaton.

Some even carry viruses including encephalitis, dengue and the yet to hit Texas West Nile. That's why stopping mosquitoes before they reach adulthood not only saves you itchy bites, it also saves your health.