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Where Do Your Deleted Text Messages Go?

Juliet Collier and her friend Katrina spend a good part of their day texting. 

"I love text messaging, I send a lot of things," said Juliet.

But everything they type into their phones is being stored, for months even years after the girls delete it. "Really, I didn't know that," said Juliet.  "I think that's kind of scary," Katrina Skally said.

Okay, maybe Juliet and Katrina aren't as much of a risk as, say, the mayor of Detroit.

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is facing 12 indictments after illicit text messages sent to his chief of staff Christine Beatty were recovered.

Steve Hall from the FBI says, "A lot of people don't realize that a lot of the time we can retrieve those messages."

Hall says many people are busted this way. 

"A lot of cheating husbands and wives - we retrieve some of those messages."

Hall says phone companies have the technology and the equipment to store everyone's phone history, and the FBI has the power to to subpeona those records.

It's not just your phone company you have to worry about saving your texts, but the person you're texting - their phone company has a record too.

Aside from your phone, your need to be aware of what you do on your computer.

Hall says all your emails and websites you visit can be recovered even after you delete your browsing history. "Don't put anything on paper, email, or text message that you don't want to be found out later," Hall says.

A tip from Hall - and a lesson from Mayor Kilpatrick - that you might not be as secretive as you think you are.

(Story courtesy of our sister station, KSLA-TV in Shreveport, LA.)

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