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03/ 28/08- Gladewater

East Texas Homeowner Claims Geodesic Dome Home Is Safe In A Tornado

For 13 years Tobin Wegner has lived in his geodesic home that he says is stronger than most conventional homes, in times of bad weather. "We had some severe rain and winds around here but we didn't feel a thing inside our dome home.  The reasons we chose the dome design were the two factors of strength and energy efficiency," said Wegner.

Wegner and the company that built his dome home,"Geodesic Domes and Homes" out of Whitehouse Texas, claims geodesic homes are proven to stand alone in severe weather.

They even have pictures on the Geodesic Domes and Homes (www.domehomes.com) web site to show for it.

So, do experts agree? We asked structural engineer Richard Lewis, of Johnson & Pace Inc.

"The round shape of the geodesic home is a better shape to resist wind than flat roofs, or a hip roof, or a gable shape roof. So, you're less likely to have parts of your roof peeling away, but they're not tornado proof by any means."

 Tornado proof or not Tobin says he's convinced that his East Texas dome home is "bullet proof" when it comes to tornados.

"No one wants to take a tornado head on but if the day comes I'd rather be in our home than anywhere else.

 Bottom line-- for Tobin there's no place like his "dome" home.

Experts say a homeowners  best bet to stay safe is to have an interior tornado shelter built inside your home, as a safe room. For free information on how to build a safe room inside your home, you can go to the FEMA website at www.fema.gov.

 LaKecia Shockley, Reporting. lshockley@kltv.com 

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