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3/28/08-Cherokee County

19 Month Old Dies In House Fire

The cause of a devastating house fire that killed a 19-month-old baby is still unknown.  The fire happened around 1:30 Thursday afternoon off Cherokee County Road 3326 about three miles west of Jacksonville. Friday state's fire marshals continued their investigation into what caused the home to suddenly catch fire.

Twenty-four hours later--a house , still smoldering, toys melted in the lawn, and investigators still putting out small fires.  That was the scene Friday morning and well into the afternoon.

"Because of the length of burning and the hot spots in some of the areas, some of the patterns, the patterns that we would use to determine specifically what caused the fire, they're going to be very difficult to find," says Cherokee County arson fire investigator Jack White.

So far, no cause or specific origin has been found, but what investigators did come upon--a baby inside the home.

Investigators found 19-month-old Mahogany Anderson lying on the bed inside the home's central bedroom.

"The baby was asleep when family members were outside and noticed that the fire, that the house was , there was smoke was coming from the house, they tried to make entry, but the smoke prevented them from being able to get into the house," White says.

Right now, investigators believe the fire started in the middle of the home, right next to the baby's bedroom.

"At this point, I don't see anything that would tell me that the fire was intentional," he explains. 

Because of the death, state fire marshals were brought in to investigate, hoping an arson dog may be able to sniff out the origin and possible cause.

"We're just hopeful at this moment that we can still locate the cause of the fire, it may not even be possible with this amount of destruction."

Destruction, that has now left a family without their home and more tragically, without their child.

Investigators say the baby's grandmother had to be admitted to a hospital when she found out the news, but we've been told she is doing okay, and the family is staying with relatives.

Tracy Watler, Reporting tracy@kltv.com

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