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3/27/08 - Jacksonville

Donkey Basketballers Raise Funds, Bruises

Thursday night,  Jacksonville High School squared off against Jacksonville Baptist College in a friendly game of donkey basketball.

All proceeds went to benefit the Cherokee County Relay For Life. In Donkey Basketball, the rules are a little different. You have to be on your ride to shoot or pass, your donkey doesn't have to agree with your instructions, and the game does stop for...we'll just say court cleanings.

"After my first half of donkey basketball," JBC player Nicholas Rice said, "I can't close my legs. It's not really that hard, though, as long as you stay in the middle, you'll do okay."

The game went into overtime, with Jacksonville High winnign 30-28.

The Cherokee County Relay For Life is April 25th and 26th at Jacksonville High School.

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