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Longview Crime Statistics Released

       2007 crime statistics show Longview has had a significant drop in some areas of crime according to a 2007 report filed with the FBI. Murders and manslaughters were down 50 percent. There were also decreases in aggravated and sexual assaults and in motor vehicle thefts. Burglaries were up slightly. But the biggest increase was robberies at 64 percent.

    "It may not necessarily be that were having more crimes it may be that more people are now more comfortable coming forward to report crimes that in the past they may not have reported so while you might not have an increase in crimes you actually have and increase in more people reporting crimes than what they did in the past so it makes those numbers go up" says Longview police sergeant Shawn Pendleton.

      Pendleton went on to say he believes their community outreach and partnership programs are encouraging citizens to report crimes more often, driving up reports of robberies. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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