School Board Decides to Send Principal Matthews a Termination Letter

It looks like Winona Middle School Principle John Matthews will soon receive a proposed letter of termination. The decision was made Tuesday night in executive session by the Winona I.S.D School Board. When board members retired to make their decision, the community members spilled out in front of the administration building, and debated the issue.

"I think that the community should be focusing on helping the girl, and her family who's going through this, said Rose Miller who attended the meeting. "Not on whether or not, somebody's going to be holding their job."

Randy Hawkins had a different opinion.

"It's the superintendent's fault," he said. "He's the one who forgot about the victim. He hasn't said anything about the victim. He's been in the media and just talks about John Matthews--and what John Matthews did or didn't do."

Matthews is accused of not reporting an indecency with a child case within 48-hours. Matthew's attorney, Trey Yarborough, asked the board to delay making the decision Tuesday, saying one board member was not there to participate.

Matthews can choose to resign, or tell his case in a formal hearing. He has 15 days to appeal the decision.