Two Palestine Kids Removed From Deplorable Living Conditions

Palestine Police find two kids living in a home that's littered with dirty laundry and drug paraphernalia.

They discovered the home Thursday when a 10-year old boy with Down's Syndrome was found roaming outside his home on the 100 block of Yaupon Street. Police were tipped off by a concerned caller who had seen the boy playing alone.

Officers approached the scene and saw two men flee from the back of the house. As officers continued to investigate, they found a 13-year old girl unconscious in that same home. They say she overdosed on two illegal drugs.

Authorities started looking for the mother, Cathy Estridge, and found her later that day. Estridge was arrested on a previous warrant for "theft by check." So far, no additional charges have been added, but authorities are investigating the case as a possible endangerment to a child case.

Children's Protective Services says the kids are staying with an uncle.

A neighbor, Betty King, says she often looks after the ten-year old when he walks down to her house to play. King says she's been suspicious of the family ever since they moved in six months ago.

"There's not really too many people watching them (the kids) down there," King said. "Five or six cars come in all day long and you never see an adult there."

The mother, Cathy Estridge posted bond at Anderson County Jail Thursday.