Travel Bargains in the Air and on the Water

The airline industry took a huge hit after September 11th... and keeps struggling.

Many Americans want to stay at home.  Sue Richards of the Travel Shoppe near Lindale has seen bookings fall.

"Not a lot of European travelers this year, it's really really slow," Richards says.   But for those ready to venture away, there are some deals: first by air.  For example, a round-trip ticket leaving DFW July 8 and coming back a week later is $287 for Seattle... $230 for Vegas... And New York for $195.  $70 more leaving from Tyler.  Not that bad.

But the big bargain this year.... seems to be on the water.   14 days on an Alaskan cruise, just $999... only $72 dollars a day.

That's something like that normally sells for three times that cost, Richards says.

It is a simple case of supply and demand.

Richards: "There's a lot of competition, a lot of ships that have been brought out of Europe."

But for those not yet ready to venture too far from home, many are buying a fifth wheel... or a full-out RV.

"We're so blessed that right here, we have lots of camping that we can take advantage of," says Brad Shaw with Tyler RV Center.

The Boyds of Mt. Pleasant like having everything with them...

"With an RV you've got a bed, you've got running water, air conditioning.  You can always go in.  If it rains, you can always go in," Melba Boyd says.