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3/26/08- Tyler

Gift of Love: Zoi, 8 Years Old

At Piddlin Pottery in Tyler, Zoi shows off her creativity painting stripes, crosses and dots on a vase.

This 8 year old is an inquisitive little girl with a sense of humor, evident as she turns to the camera and says, "Cheese."

"She's a delightful child. She's fun to be around a lot of the time," says Janet Clem, Zoi's CASA.

Zoi never meets a stranger and likes to share her love of music. She delighted us by singing a couple of songs. And when she grows up she wants to be "an artist and a paleontologist."

But perhaps the number one thing she wants people to know about her "is that I am very smart and I'll be good if they're nice."

Zoi's past has left her distrusting. She was removed from her home about three and a half years ago because of abuse and neglect. She's been moved to several foster homes and many different schools. She is ready to settle down and start over. "So I won't have to move any more because it takes forever," says Zoi.

And she knows what she wants. "A nice family with the nicest mom ever and the nicest dad ever. And, I want to have a big brother in my room and a big sister in my room and I want to sleep on a bunk bed."

This spunky 2nd grader can be a handful and will need a structured home. I asked her if she "ever gets in trouble?" She replied, "Yes, I get in trouble a lot. I do not know why."

Janet says, "Zoi can bond with a family but she has to be able to feel that they are really committed to her not just taking her in and if you're good we still love you. It has to be that we love you no matter what."

Zoi has the potential to succeed if given every opportunity through the Gift of Love. For now, Zoi wraps her arms around a fluffy purple horse. She's hoping this stuffed animal will bring her comfort and good luck "and I will bring it with me when I go to my home, my forever home."

And after a long wait, hopefully that forever family is not far away.

For more information on Zoi call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan Reporting

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