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New Rules For Registered Sex Offenders

The web site, itself is pretty thorough.  From names, to the type of crime, to the age of the victim--finding information about sex offenders living near you is as easy as clicking a mouse.   And soon, you'll also get to see where registered sex offenders are working.

"I think it's absolutely necessary, and everyone should know what they're up against," said Crystal Tannerly.

DPS will soon require registered sex offenders to report information about their employers, job titles, and descriptions.  "With exposure of being recognized in the public of their employment, that may cause some issues for the employer," said Stephen Lynch, area director of East Texas Workforce Solutions.  Lynch said he recognizes the issue is about public safety, but all that public access could pose some problems.  "An employer can make their own decisions.  I think they're going to have some tough ones to make, but as I said, [sex offenders] need employment as a catalyst to better their lives."

Greg Parham works with Smith County Adult Probation supervising registered sex offenders.   He said anything that can be done to let people know about sex offenders will be helpful.  He said the new requirement is one more way to safeguard the public and employers as well.   "This way, they can go online and check themselves and see if the person they hire is a sex offender."

Layron Livingston, Reporting


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