Marshall Police Department Gets New Motorcycle Patrol Units

Speeders beware - the boys in blue are hitting the roads in a new way in Marshall.

After 30-years, the Marshall police department has veteran officers patroling the streets on Harley Davidson's.

While the officers are enjoying the ride...their focus is on public safety.

Officers Jim Arnold and Andy Nixon have spent the last few months preparing and training on their police motorcycles. Now the two officers have hit the streets of Marshall.

Their assignment: enforcing traffic laws. Officer Andy Nixon says, "to me school zone safety is one of the primary objectives of what we do. It makes people aware that school zones are there that we are enforcing the traffic laws". "It's just another tool for us to first of all work traffic. It's not our only beat but it is one of our primary responsibilities" says officer Jim Arnold.

Officers Arnold and Nixon say the motorcycles are also an asset to the police department because of their mobility.

Nixon says the public has reacted well to the new motorcycle patrols, "so far we've gotten a very positive reaction. We've had a lot of compliments a lot of people that we stop are just as interested in the motorcycles as they are as the citations that they're recieving."

Marshall has been without motorcycle patrols for about thirty years. For these officers it's the best of both worlds. "It's just getting to do both things you love. We both love our jobs and we both love riding motorcycles. You just can't beat it," says Nixon.

The motorcycles were paid for through a block grant.