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A Better East Texas: Dana Hughey and Mark Scirto

They say when times get tough you find out who your real friends are. What friends we have in East Texas!   The outpouring of concern for Dana Hughey and Mark Scirto and their families has been overwhelming.  We are humbled by the true friends we have here.

Many of you have written that even though Mark and Dana don't know who you are, you consider them part of your family.  Although they may not know you personally, never doubt that you are part of the family they speak to everyday.  We are all connected and they feel both the bond and the responsibility; the fact that you feel that bond is the sincerest compliment you can give them.  Each member of a family is important, and there would be no KLTV family without each and every one of you. Often we get caught up in the routine of daily living and take each other for granted.  When a crisis occurs we are reminded how precious and dear each person is.  That is why today I want to tell you how much we appreciate you and how blessed we are to have you in our family. 

I love East Texas and as Dana and Mark have gone through their challenges I am reminded why.  It is the people.  It is all of you.  You don't hesitate to offer your prayers, support and love.  I have heard over and over "What can we do to help?"   As each day in my life passes I am more aware that what really matters the most is the people in our lives and our relationships with them.  Your prayers are powerful.  Thank You!  Your notes and thoughts inspire us, they strengthen us and above all they make us proud to be part of a better East Texas!.

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