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3/24/08-Chapel Hill

Warren Back On Track After Tragic Accident

Last August life changed in an instant for Chapel Hill Bulldog Marquis Warren.

Marquis and his best friend and teammate Derek Timms were on their way to football practice when they were involved in a tragic accident that claimed Derek's life and that of another car driver. Marquis' pelvis was shattered in that accident and many thought he would never compete again.

It was seven months ago when KLTV 7 Sports Director Maya Golden interviewed Marquis in his hospital room. When she asked what he wanted to accomplish during the remainder of his senior year, Marquis did not hesitate.

"Work hard for Derek," Marquis said, "and try to make it back." 

Seven months later Marquis is a flash running the track at Bulldog Stadium.

In an interview with KLTV 7 Sports, Marquis said he knew the moment he made believers out of everyone.

"The first week of practice when I beat everybody," he said. "They were looking at me like 'Man, he's back!'"

Marquis is back as a member of the Chapel Hill track team, running the 100 meter, 200 meter and the 4x100 relay. It is something many of his coaches did not think he could achieve after his pelvis was shattered.

"The type of injury that it was, was pretty traumatic to his pelvic girdle," assistant track coach Matt Langley, "which is very very important for you to be able to run."

"They put a plate off in my hip and some pins," Marquis explained.

"There were a lot of people that told him it would be best to just sit it out and take it slow," Coach Langley said. "I can't tell you how many times he told me he was sick of hearing take it slow. If anyone has ever watched him run they know he doesn't know what take it slow means."

This season Marquis placed first in at least one of his events three weeks straight. His determination inspired by the promise he made to work hard for his friend, Derek.

Marquis began making good on that promise in physical therapy

"The running has nothing on the pain I felt in therapy. Therapy was the worst pain ever. (I used) weights with one leg and I was running and jumping."

Marquis said he thinks about the accident that claimed his friend's life and forever changed his, every day.

"Do it for Derek," he said staring out into space. "That's what you do when you run, work out, no matter what."

Marquis was on crutches for two months and said he hated missing out on the Bulldogs football season.

He hopes to make it to the state tournament in track, showing everyone what strength really means.

"It's showing that I proved something to a lot of people. That I could get back up and do things that people didn't think I could."

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