Parents Mourn After Car Hits Their Son

Parents and family members mourn the death of a 14-year old Lindale teen, hit by a car near his home Sunday.

Kyle Saturley's mother, Angela Shirley, says her son was laying next to county road 431, when a car swerved to miss another boy and hit Kyle.

Shirley says there needs to be more children-at-play signs on narrow, county-roads, like the one where her son was hit. She also said parents need to watch over their kids when they're outside playing. Shirley says parents should, "not let (kids) come near a road and make sure they're as far off the road as possible."

She added that, "If parents are on the road, they should supervise it."

Kyle was an active member of the Boy Scouts, and his family says many will miss him greatly.

"My son's death is the hardest thing that's every happened to me," said Shirley. "But he wasn't stupid, he was a bright child, he knew better than to be on the road period. I've always been on him about being safe and being cautious."

Kyle's mother says she wants her son remembered for all the good he did in his short life.