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3/24/2008-Cherokee Co.

15 Years of Asking; No Help for County Road

County roads many of us drive on them almost everyday. Many of us expect them to be fixed by our tax dollars. Some residents in Cherokee County say they have been asking for help for 15 years with no success. 

The road causing the residents problems is just south of Jacksonville: County Road 1613.

"It's ridiculous it's just ridiculous that they are not doing anything," said frustrated resident Nikki Pate.

It may not look that bad, but Nikki and her neighbors say the problems on this road are much bigger than they look.

"Right in here is the cordoroy. Then the pot holes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. Ten Pot holes all in a row," said Nikki.

They say those holes are already taking an expensive toll on their cars.

"My vehicle when I drive through here it fishtails like crazy," said Nikki, "My vehicle had to be realigned, tires balanced again, another neighbor her shocks went out twice."

For years, neighbors say they've called their commissioner.

But so far, the only action is crews coming out to blade the road, a temporary fix that sometimes only lasts a few days.

"My quiestion is why why does my road look like this? We are paying taxes. We have the money to do it. We should," said Nikki.

"This is a dirt road. In our estimation a very good dirt road," said Precinct 1 Commissioner Mary Gregg.

Commissioner Gregg tells us that because of rising costs and the 220 miles just in her precinct, black topping the road is not an option.

"Due to the cost that's involved now, oil prices out of sight, fuel all those things. Topping the road is not something that is going to be done in the near future," said Gregg.

During our interview another resident drove up.

"Are you going to get our road fixed? asked the resident, "what do you want done?," responded Gregg. "We want the road where we can drive," said the resdient, "You can't drive on this. You better go park your vehicle sweetie," said Gregg. "Maybe you could do something better," said the resident, "Well don't we wish," said Gregg. 

With a steady grip on the wheel Nikki said her and her neighbors will just wait and hope it doesn't get much worse.

Just two weeks ago, Kelly Traylor was elected as the new Precinct One Commissioner starting January 2009. Traylor said he is aware of the problems and is looking into what can be done in the future, but didn't promise anything.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com


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