Mansfield Plumbing In Kilgore Locks Out Employees

Almost two-hundred employees showed up to work to find out they were locked-out. Mansfield Plumbing Products in Kilgore locked their employees out Friday night after contract negotiations failed.

Employees of Mansfield Plumbing Products in Kilgore showed up Monday not to work but to picket. The plant was closed down and employees locked-out Friday night after the union voted down a proposed contract.

"We had a 100% turn down on Friday afternoon and Friday night at 11:30 they locked the plant out locked the employees out, sent the ones in out and didn't allow any in," says union president Doug Pannell.

Union workers say the contract was unfair...cutting employee's salaries and benefits. They say they were willing to work during contract negotiations but say the company responded by locking them out.

Pannell says, "We had given them a 72 hour notice in writing an agreement that if we were to go out on strike we would give them 72 hours in writing before we went on strike and several of us in the negotiation committee wrote down that they agreed to do the same courtesy yet they didn't."

Management at Mansfield Plumbing refused to speak with Channel 7 news about the lock-out. A security team stands guard video taping everything that goes on.

"They said that it was their right to set economic hardships on the union to try to get us to take the conditions that they're asking for," says Pannell.

Union workers say contract negotions are expected to resume Tuesday morning.