Jacksonville Nursing Home Under Watch

The Gardendale Rehabilitation and Nursing Center of Jacksonville has just 10 days to come up with a "plan of action". This comes after a recent state inspection found enough violations to possibly recommend the nursing home lose its contract with medicare and medicaid--if the problems aren't fixed.

"They were not providing the assessments and care that each and every resident deserves, and it's very serious" says Rosemary Patterson with the Texas Department of Human Services.

A 55 page summarized report from the State Department of Human Services outlines health code violations such as serving meals cold or late to residents, unacceptable quality of care--by leaving residents in soiled clothing for long periods of time and, a specific complaint showing that a residents' lung condition was overlooked, putting him in the hospital.

"They did not document and did not asses and did not provide the treatment or get the treatment for the resident," says Patterson.

Gardendale Administrator Doug Humble says he plans to protest five of the violations. While the reports are detailed, he admits the home has some problems.

The states investigation will continue until they believe the problems are solved.