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Proud Of East Texas: Dr. Happy Heart

Most people know Dr. Suzanne Chapman Reams as a Christian Clinical Psychologist, but Dr. Reams has another life as the clown Dr. Happy Heart.  Dr. Reams literally fell into clowning when she tripped in a patients' room, and the patient started laughing.  The patient was a deeply depressed stroke victim who hadn't spoken a word in weeks.  Dr. Reams' fall started him laughing and opened up the floodgates to talking again.  It reminded Dr. Reams that laughter is the best medicine.

To be better equipped to use clowning and humor as a coping strategy, Dr. Reams attended Clown training at the Hertzberg Circus Museum.  She's been clowning for the past twenty years and has recruited her husband Joel and niece Callan in for special events.  Dr. Reams says making others happy makes her happy.

Dr. Reams is in private practice in Tyler and provides psychological services for the Primary Care Clinic at the Northeast Texas Community Health District.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting.


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