7 On Your Side: Phone Service Wrongfully Disconnected

Carrollyn Vance has lived in her Tyler home for 25 years and during that time she's never changed her phone number.

"All my family members that live out of state have this number. And so did Suddenlink who's not even her provider," Carrollyn explains.

But Carrollyn kept receiving messages from them that they've received and are processing her number change request.  Her phone was then disconnected!

"I called my number from my cell phone and a Hispanic lady answered my phone number.  And I said whoa!," says Carrollyn.

Apparently there was a Suddenlink customer who requested a number change.  That person's number ended in 0457.  But Carrollyn's number, 0477, was accidentally inputted.

The one digit would leave her without a phone for weeks.

"Everybody says I'm sorry, I'm sorry but that still doesn't get my phone back!," she cries.

After calling 7 On Your Side, we called Suddenlink who apologized for the mistake and offered free phone and internet service in the interim.

But to get the same number back she would have to change to ATt&T.  We put this problem to bed by bringing it to their attention.

"Then on Monday night about 9 o'clock my phone rings and I said, 'wow, hadn't heard that in a while!'" Then Carrollyn adds jokingly, "It was a telemarketer so we didn't answer."

Suddenlink says the error is a rare occurrence and they're taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.

By the way, Carrollyn did take them up on the free internet service offer.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com