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03/21/08- Longview

East Texans Lend Helping Hand To Longview Tornado Victims

The Rusk family who live on South Electra Street are still stunned by the tornado's wrath on their home.

 "I could see the wind. I could see it blowing, hear the whistling and about that time that's when the crash came down on the house.  I heard my daughter in her room, she was hollering and she couldn't get out because she was trapped in there.

That crash was a giant tree, that had been struck by the tornado. The frightening part, it landed in 17-year-old Jocelyn Rusk's bedroom while she was inside.  "I heard a bunch of stuff falling and I thought I was going to get crushed to death. I went to the window and tried to get out but I panicked and forgot the window was locked.  Fortunately, Jocelyn, her mother Renee, and her brother and sister made it out of their crushed home unharmed.

 After Renee's FedEx coworkers heard about her family's disaster, they said they had to lend them a helping hand. "We wanted to do anything to help Renee out. She's helped us tremendously any time we needed her. So, immediately that day the couriers and myself all pitched in around $400 and then $300 the next day to give to her," said Guillermo Lopez, Operations Manager at FedEx Express in Longview.    

 "My supervisor was on top of it trying to do what he could to help. He even offered up his apartment for me. We are so thankful," said Rusk. 

She added, "I thank God for my FedEx family. Material things can easily be taken away but we have our lives and we'll always be together.

FedEx Express has set up a disaster fund for Renee and her family. It's called the,"Stephanie Renee Rusk disaster Fund" at LeTourneau Federal Credit Union in Longview. Also, at the FedEx location in Longview's Whaley Street, they are collecting donations and clothes for the family.

 LaKecia Shockley, Reporting lshockley@kltv.com 

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