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Good Friday Cross Carried In Longview

        This being good Friday, a Longview group is carrying on a tradition of the cross-walk,  to remind east Texans of the true meaning of Easter. Every good Friday for the past 4 years, David Bellinger has donned a white shroud and crown of thorns, and carried a 100 pound cross through the streets of Longview, in remembrance of Christ's walk to his crucifixion.

     "This is my witness for him to reach as many people as possible and hopefully at least one soul will be saved" says Bellinger.

     Organized by the church in the wind, the walk drew onlookers throughout the route with many visibly moved.

    "It just really touches my heart, I watched the passion of Christ's and it just makes you stop and think" says walk watcher Patricia Kyle.

     Some were educated by the walk.

     "I didn't have no clue what good Friday was about, I really didn't" says Hallsville visitor Lacey Jones.

    "What this does is give people a glimpse of what it must have been like for Christ's to be ridiculed and poked and driven to exhaustion, and then carry his own cross" Bellinger says.

    Many stopped to take pictures, and to reflect, on the meaning of the day.

"It touched the community it touched hearts and that's the whole point of doing something like this" said walk watcher Marvin Johnson.

   "When I seen that it brought tears to my eyes seeing that when he comes and walks by it makes me feel better" Jones says.

    And discover what faith was in them as well.

   "We weren't there 2-thousand years ago , but in this re-enactment we were there today and we need to remember" Johnson says.

    Bellinger carried the cross over 5 miles today, concluding the walk at Mobberly Baptist church. Bob Hallmark reporting/

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