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3/20/08-Smith County And Longview

Three Smith County Restaurants Shut Down By Health Inspector

Julian's, located at 5201 S. Broadway in Tyler was shut down for nearly two days--this after the inspector noticed one roach, too many--some dead, some not so much.   It was a severe pest infestation which prompted the inspector to suspend the permit on March 6th.   After a thorough cleaning of the food prep areas and a complete extermination, the inspector re-instated the permit on March 8th.

Little Italy at 3320 S. Broadway in Tyler had it's food service permit pulled on March 5th.  When the inspector paid them a visit, sewage was surfacing in the parking lot and around and on the south side of the restaurant.  After a thorough cleaning of the sewer lines and a citation, they re-opened the next day.

Papa John's #1227 at 631 S. Beckham in Tyler had a similar sewage problem, and grease was found spilling over onto the floor.  The permit was pulled on March 10.  It was later re-instated on the 13th, once the inspector noticed the necessary repairs were made to the sink and grease trap.

Over in Longview, no one had to close up shop, but some critical violations were noted.

At Chili's located at 2800 Judson Road, cold foods weren't cold enough and cooked foods weren't being kept at the proper temperature.  There was improper handling of ready-to-eat food, and hand washing procedures weren't being followed--total demerits: 21.

When El Rincon at 1709 S. Mobberly was last inspected, cooked foods were not cooled properly, cold foods were too warm, and food surfaces were a bit unsanitary.  There was improper handling of ready-to-eat foods.  All that yielded 20 demerits.

And finally, Church's Chicken at 1715 S. Mobberly in Longview makes our report.  Foods were at unsafe temperatures and the utensils needed a thorough cleaning.  Combining that with bad hand washing facilities led the inspector to demerit them 17 points.

Layron Livingston, Reporting


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