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6/2/02 - Kilgore

Mansfield Plumbing Locks Out Employees After Negotiations Fail

More than 180 East Texans found themselves jobless Friday night, when Mansfield Plumbing products performed a lock-out on its employees.

The lock-out happened just a day after employees voted against the company's new, proposed contract.

Representatives with the United Steelworkers of America say the proposed contract would have cut employee wages and benefits. A union spokesperson says the workers did not expect a lock-out and are trying to get back to work.

"We told them that the employees are wanting to go back to work under the old contract until we can reach and agreement about the new contract," said Ronnie Walraven with United Steelworkers of America, a union representing the employees. "And the company refused to do that. They said they were just going to lock them out."

The United Steelworkers of America and Mansfield Plumbing will meet Tuesday morning to negotiate. Mansfield Plumbing was unavailable for comment Saturday, but a recording at the company did verify the lock-out.

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