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3/19/08 Tyler

Gift of Love: Food Fast Children's Charities

It's a business most people relate with filling up their gas tank or grabbing a Coke. "The community's been tremendously good to us. We were a small company at one point and we struggled like a lot of companies. The community has been super supportive of our business and it's part of giving back," says Jay Misenheimer with Food Fast.

That giving back includes the creation of "Food Fast Children's Charities." Jay says it will benefit at risk-children, many of those are East Texas foster children. "After you meet some of these kids and hear some of their stories, you know doing the Gift of Love, but once you hear these stories you're absolutely changed."  Jay goes on to say, "The one really big thing that changed me was I had an opportunity to sit on a grand jury for 6 months and the cases I saw come through there were really life changing for me."

Until now, Food Fast has been helping about 150 foster children through the Bair Foundation. "We're so thankful for it's been such a blessing. The people at Food Fast have been just amazing," says Devin Frakes with the Bair Foundation. 

"There are so many kids out there that are looking for that forever home, says Jay."

The newly formed Children's Charity will allow Food Fast to help about 2600 local children. Jay says, "We make sure when ever there is a child out there with a need that they're going to be taken care of."

Jay explains that the mission of "Food Fast Children's Charities" involves everyone in East Texas. "Giving back to the community doesn't just mean supporting these organizations, we hope to educate the general public too."

He hopes to bring awareness to such things as child abuse and issues facing foster children. "If you learn about that stuff and if you really look into it, you'll see that it is something that we've got to get on top of. I like to say we need a culture change to stop that sort of thing."

He's hoping Food Fast can lead the way in that culture change, helping children all over East Texas.

The "Food Fast Children's Charities" benefits the Bair Foundation, Children's Advocacy Center of Smith County, Parents Anonymous and ADAPT.

Food Fast is holding its first major fundraiser for the Children's Charity April 7; two golf tournaments will happen that day, both beginning at 10am. One tournament will be at The Cascades and the other at Hollytree Country Club in Tyler. To sign up for the tournament or to get more information on the "Food Fast Children's Charities," call Jay Misenheimer or Freida Byrd at 903-534-0028.

Gillian Sheridan Reporting,

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