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3/19/08- Longview

Youth Group Completing A Heavenly Home Makeover

Most kids spend their Spring Break on vacation, but some Longview area teens are lending a helping hand instead. About 50 youth group students with "Oakland Heights Baptist Church" in Longview are rebuilding an elderly widow's home and they have a message all of us can learn from. 

Armed with hammers and paintbrushes, the teenagers are working to give a 78-year old widow a better place to come home to.

"Her whole house was just covered in clothes and trash and a lot of cockroaches that we had to kill and it was all dirty," said Trip Dishman, with the Oakland Heights Baptist Church Youth Group.  "I'm just sorry that someone had to live like this and no one was helping her out. It was terrible living conditions."

When they first heard about this great need, they wasted no time, volunteering to help instead of taking a trip.

"When you see a need, even if it's a stranger, just take the time to help somebody out," said 8th grade student Morgan Walters.  "It makes you feel really good."

"It's really nice to help someone out who can't really do anything," said Dishman.  "She's been bed-bound for the last 3 years so it helps her out a lot."

"They're not a generation to come and sit and listen," said Oakland Heights Pastor of Students, Bob Knowles.  "It's like 'ok you've told me what to do, now let me go and do it."

Taking what they've learned from scripture, and putting it into practice in real life. They said that has it's own rewards.

"I've learned how to appreciate what I've got and not just continually want more and more stuff," said Walters.  

"I hope that this is something they'll get addicted to and that their whole life will be a life of giving and not just consuming," said Knowles. 

But the real joy, of course, will come when 78-year old Louise Jones, sees her new home.

"I just hope she loves it," said Hannah Robey with the youth group.  "We've put a lot of work into it and I think she will like it a lot."

The group hopes to have the house finished by Easter Sunday. We will, of course, keep you updated.  

Courtney Lane, Reporting

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