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Numerous Longview Homes Damaged In Storm

       Dozens of homes and cars are crushed under the weight of crashing trees as homeowners in Longview are trying to regroup after a storm rumbles through neighborhoods. It was only a few seconds of violent wind, but for those that rode through it, it's a sound they'll never forget.

   "It was a load roaring sound and then all of the sudden there were things just tumbling and crumbling and things were flying, and the house kind of shook" says Electra street homeowner , Ella Morrison.

   "It sounded like it was a roar like just a roar coming" said neighbor Roosevelt McCoy.

    At one home a child was temporarily trapped in one end of the structure after a huge tree cut the house in half.

    "Lord let the baby be o-k and then all of the sudden I heard the young man say I heard the baby crying and he said o-k we got her we got her she's o-k she's o-k" says Morrison.

    Some were caught driving when the storm hit.

   "As we were driving it was like the wind was I almost thought the wind was going to take it up and that was fearful I had never experienced that before" said Houston street homeowner Katherine Glover.

    One elementary school was damaged, as well as the American legion roof torn off , and the electronic bingo game destroyed.

     "I had an emergency light and I flickered it around and then that when I recognized how much damage had really been done" McCoy says.

    Repair and clean up crews were all over Longview today cutting away tons of lumber that had crashed into houses , and crushed cars.

    "Unfortunately a guy had just come buy asking about buying that car yesterday" says McCoy.   

   The heaviest damage was done in the region between mobberly and Electra drive just south of highway 80. Valley View elementary on Alpine road also received damage from fallen trees. No injuries were reported. Bob Hallmark reporting/

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