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03/19/08- Kilgore

Severe Storms Pounds Parts Of Kilgore

 You can call it the aftermath strip of the storm. More than two dozen trees have been snapped and scattered along HWY 259 in Rusk county. Nearby, Wade's Horse Farm was trampled by the storm, blowing the roof off the horse stable and leaving a trail way of mess. "The storm happened so quick, it was unbelievable!  I raise thoroughbred horses, thankful all my horses are ok," said Eddie Sparks. Not only did the storm damage the stable but, it also damaged several sheds in the farm. "There was so much debris--you could just see it for miles. I could hear the limbs cracking.

Eddie Sparks and his wife were in their trailer home when the storm hit.  Luckily, their trailer was bolted down. "We drilled holes in the concrete and bolted down our trailer home. I feel like that might have had a little touch in saving us," said Sparks. 

Shirley Dimmock wasn't home at the time of the storm. Dimmock says she got a phone call saying her home only had minor damage but when she arrived at her home it was surrounded by twelve trees that had been blown down in the storm. Neighbors called me and said one tree was down in my yard, evidentially they didn't count quit well,"said Dimmock.  

Lathelia Oliver was home with her children when the storm uprooted a huge tree in her backyard and damaged her home. "My children and I  grabbed hands and ran to the closet. All I could think to do was start praying. It tore parts of the roof off our house. In my daughters room the ceiling went up. Everything in her room her is just gone," said Oliver. 

As workers help residents clean up their property they are reminded of how thankful they are, that they made it through the storm.  

"I am very thankful that me and my children lived through this. We're blessed, very blessed," said Oliver.

Fortunately, no injures were reported in Kilgore, and a majority of the homeowners we spoke with do have insurance.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting. 

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