John Tyler Seniors Walk Into Adulthood

John Tyler High's class of 2002 learned many hard lessons this school year upon arriving to their graduation day.

"This is something we can definitely enjoy together," says Jeremy Smith. "Because it has been difficult on all of us, some parts have been easy some have been hard but it's really something to be proud of."

But no classroom lesson, taught the seniors more about the real world they're embarking on Friday night than September 11th 2001.

"Just knowing that everyday's not permanent," says Fletcher session. "Knowing everyday might be my last day, so I'm gonna try to cherish every moment I can."

Many of these 300 John Tyler grads say that fall day made them seriously think about their futures, not just graduation day, but what really matters to them in life.

"After that, I thought about it and enlisted in the army reserves, I'm gonna do that and help my country," says Jessica Stephens.

So Friday night, the class of 2002 assembled one final time. Reflecting on the good times, good friends and their loving families.

"I want to get on with my hopes and my dreams," says Ladildra Seaton. "And I've just been waiting for this day and making my parents proud."

With a final toss of the hat, these John Tyler seniors entered adulthood.