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03/18/08- Longview

Thieves Steal Obama Headquarters Sign

 "They pulled the nails out and stole the sign! That's what they did--just stole it," says Eddie Tolwes, as he glances at the empty space where his nearly $200 Obama Headqaurtes sign used to be.  

Towles says sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning vandals ripped away his Obama headquarters sign that our KLTV cameras shot in February.

 "I feel sorry for the person or persons that is doing this. I just feel sorry for them because they're not only hurting me, they're hurting Longview.

 We have a right to exercise our political freedom for the candidate of our choice.  I will purchase those signs and I will keep putting a sign on my building," said Towles.

Towles says he's not trying to provoke the culprits that took his sign, but he wants his message to be heard loud and clear. "Them taking my sign really doesn't make me angry. It makes me stronger. As long as the spirit is in my heart, I'm alive, and blood flows through my veins, I am going to stand up for what's right."

The Longview Police department says the theft is a Class- B misdemeanor. So far, they don't know who's responsible for either incident.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting.

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