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3/18/08-White Oak

Gas Prices Mean Pinching As Many Pennies, In As Many Areas As Possible

It was a shopping spree for the budget conscious, and for the the fuel-savvy shopper.  Clothes and shoes, books and toys--when it comes to kids, Change of Hands--a resale shop in White Oak, has you covered.  Now, more than ever.

"With the gas prices going up, they would rather, come in, get clothing out of their kids' closets that they haven't used in a while, bring them in and receive cash on the spot," said Tena Jones, the owner of Change of Hands.  Jones has been in the resale business for nearly 5 years.  She said over the last few months, more and more people are in her store aisle searching for bargains.

"They're bringing in more items," she said.  "They're getting their cash up-front for those items and they're able to take that money and use it and put gas in their cars."

"It's real tough times," said Glenda Perkins.  She said shopping at the resale store helps her make ends meet in a world of rising gas prices.

"It is a definite Godsend," said Julie Bruner, another shopper.  "You can come here and get a whole wardrobe for 10, 15, $20, instead of going to Dillard's, or Ross's, or somewhere and spending $15 for one thing.  It's just really a blessing for us."  She said she can then use that money she saves to fill her gas tank.

They're grabbing the deals, managing the budget, and counting up the savings.  Hopefully, all that penny pinching will translate to a fuller tank, and less pain at the pump.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.


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