Robert E. Lee Students Stride Across Stage

Four years of hard work.  Now it comes to this.

"It feels great. It is finally over. I made it!" said graduating senior Octavia Yarbrough.

Lee students were ready for the walk across the stage... declaring they're ready to face the world... but without all those they grew up with.

"It's going to be hard missing all of your friends... going your separate ways and starting new lives," said Jerry Williams.

There are several students who are saying goodbye to high school early, because they worked very hard.

"I'm actually graduating early. I've only gone to high school for three years, so it's pretty exciting." Jamie Wilson chooses to leave sooner rather than later... so she's walking with a group a year older.

"There are some people I know but they're all the way across the field and I'm like, sitting by myself saying 'all right, give me my diploma, come on.'"

It was Jamie's choice... so her family had to adjust to leaving the nest early.

"We were planning this for next year," said her grandparents.

"I am so proud of her for graduating early. It came as a shock to us, we weren't expecting it," said her mother Chris Cullins.

"It's kind of a surprise.  I'm not ready for it yet, but she's got a lot of credits looking forward to going to college," says her father Reagan Wilson.

Sixty percent of this graduating class has been accepted to college... hitting the books again in a few months. But, starting a whole new chapter of their lives.