Life Changing Moments from Ground Zero

"It made you aware of what we have and how precious life is," Mike Brittain tells of his time volunteering at Ground Zero. "I came home and hugged my granddaughter. Just to realize what those people have gone through, it affects your heart."

What Mike Brittain and son Tim--along with Gene Lansford and Jerry Jones experienced at Ground Zero, changed the shape of their lives. All four volunteer with the East Texas Disaster Relief. Even six months after coming home, the memories are still fresh. "As we were nearing Ground Zero, Jerry explains."I met a lady on the street and you could still see the shock in her eyes."

Each has a story, a moment they say has become a life long lesson.

"I try to spend more time with my family," Tells Tim. "I try to be a little more patient, understanding about things."

Patience has also turned to prayers for Gene, "I didn't have a real love in my heart for people in New York, they were foreign to me," He says thing have changed now praying every night for the lives lost and the pain left in tragedy's wake.